Paul May presents at the recent Amana Takaful Insurance Seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka

4th December 2015

PAJM Are you Insured Sri Lanka

As part of a recent visit to the Concordia office in Colombo, Paul May, Chairman of Concordia Consultancy was invited to present at a Amana Takaful Seminar in Colombo, on the topic ‘Are you sure, you’re insured?’.

Paul’s discussion focused on issues relating to the certainty of insurance coverage.

Key points included:

•Contract requirements

•The disclosure of material fact to Insurers

•Information provided to Insurers

•Obligations of the Insurers and policyholders

Galadari Hotel in Colombo hosted the event, which was attended by approximately 100 delegates.

A range of industry representatives attended the seminar. Amongst the guests included Amana commercial and industrial policyholders, general managers and accountants.

You can view Paul’s presentation by selecting the link.

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