Concordia Consultancy attended the LMA/LBIIA U35s Claims Group Inaugural Conference

6th June 2017

On Friday, 2nd June 2017, our Communications Manager, Brigitta Rehe attended the LMA/LBIIA U35s Claims Group Inaugural Conference at Lloyds of London. The main topic of the event was change, discussing the main triggers and effects on the London and overall UK market. 

The keynote speaker of the conference was Sir Richard Dearlove, Chairman of Ascot Underwriting and former Chief of MI6 who presented on the topic of political risk today and the threats to our security, covering subjects such as Brexit, terrorism, war, migration, cyber threat, climate change, natural hazards and artificial intelligence.

The core messages that stood out during the expert panel discussions throughout the day were: 

1. Relationships with the clients need to be built and nurtured in order to succeed;

2. London market needs to work on its reputation to attract external expertise and talent;

3. With the evolution of social media and television, there is a high level of urgency when it comes to handling claims;

4. Technology will drastically change the claims market – flexibility and people skills are the key to success;

5. Leadership skills are essential to improve the claims market – senior and young professionals have to work together to shape the future;

6. In today’s world, the unthinkable becomes thinkable fast and people need to embrace it and be adaptable.

With the recent domestic and global turbulence it is undeniable that in order to cope with the unpredictable risks, individuals and companies must become more flexible. At Concordia, we recognise that an incident leading to a claim will involve significant concern and disruption to the Insured. The non-confrontational approach is part of our philosophy to "help parties reach agreement".


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Brigitta Rehe


Communications Manager

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