London Marathon Paul May for St Giles Trust 2018

19th April 2018

2018 London Marathon.


Paul - London Marathon 2018


2018 London Marathon.

Dear Friends,  

On the 22nd April I will be running my first London Marathon, at the age of 62.  

For the last 15 years or so I have been supporting the charity St Giles Trust.  

Registered charity: 801355  

St Giles Trust is a charity helping people facing severe disadvantage to find jobs, homes and the right support they need. We help them to become positive contributors to local communities and wider society.  

Thank you in advance if you wish to make a contribution at:  

I first encountered the charity when it was being supported by the Lloyd’s Charities. 

A key aspect of their operation is to train people who have experienced disadvantage to be Peer Advisors helping others to turn-round their lives.  

HELPING is the key activity in areas such as:  

Gang violence  

Drug running,   

Knife crime  

Overcoming disadvantage  


Gang violence, drug running, and knife crime 


“In the year to September 2017, knife crime rose by 21 per cent in England and Wales.  Last week, eight people were killed in just seven days in London alone. So far this year, 17 men under the age of 25 have been stabbed to death in the capital.  Sophie Linden, the deputy mayor for policing, has warned that blades are being “normalised” among young people, putting growing numbers of teenagers at risk.” 

The Times 27th March 2018  

St Giles delivers:  

Intensive, specialist help for young people affected by gang-related violence and exploitation.   

Seeks to prevent young people at risk of becoming involved in gangs and violence 

Helps young people who are not in education, training and employment to improve their levels of confidence and skills, with the aim of supporting them to employment.  

If you can please take a look at this BBC documentary featuring the St Giles |Trust and its work against the “County Lines” drug running gangs:  

In the London borough of Southwark, St Giles is also currently working with Johnson Beharry VC, (who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his acts of heroism in Afghanistan), in his mission to help young people. Johnson and St Giles have developed a scheme called 'Through the Gates'. This is helping young people involved in gangs or who are due for release from custodial sentences to rebuild their lives and move into education, training or employment.  

Overcoming disadvantage  

St Giles provides:   

Help for adults in overcoming disadvantage to improve their skills, confidence and ultimately support them into employment.  

Services for women and community support for vulnerable adults.  

Help for children and families and for people affected by poverty, debt and financial hardship  


St Giles operates within prisons:  

To help serving prisoners successfully rehabilitate and pursue crime-free lives  

Running a Peer Advisor Program giving serving prisoners the opportunity to train and qualify under the Level 3 Information,  


 My preparation for the marathon has been ongoing for the last 12 months or so. I am keen to see the pain and persistence converted on the day into the achievement of completing the race and generating much needed funds for St Giles and all the people that they help.   

Thank you if you wish to make a contribution at:  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring the St Giles Trust to your attention.  

With all best wishes  


M) 07836746534

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