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3rd June 2005

Our dispute resolution group has received the following 'thank you' letter from a major multi-national insurer.

In times when it seems that the service industry as a whole has nothing but apathetic service providers or receives nothing but letters of dissatisfaction, no doubt as a result of the general de-skilling in our industry and requirements to decentralize or move off-shore from a cost benefit point of view, I feel very happy to write a letter that represents completely the opposite of the way that the insurance industry appears to be going.

I would like to personally thank you for your assistance in resolving this complicated and troublesome claim, which after long periods of activity and the actions of some of the personalities involved was looking as though it was heading towards arbitration or litigation, following the impasse that was reached on the claim.

Your comprehensively and professionally compiled Award responded to all to the arguments and discussions proposed by both parties.

Whilst it is never nice to have a claim which is moving toward litigation it was clear that this matter did need some fresh thinking to review the claim if it were to be resolved without the appointment of solicitors. Ultimately your appointment did enable settlement of the claim in a cost-effective manner, and of course managed to drastically reduce the life cycle of the claim.

Once again with much appreciation for your time and effort in resolving this matter.

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